Chas Application


Here is a list of the evidence CHAS will require for vetting your application. Please note that evidence will mean showing that health and safety (H&S) systems are being used correctly over a period of time. Therefore, if you have little in place presently you will not be able to make an application until supporting evidence is gathered.

Each area is outlined and a brief explanation of what DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will do for you assuming the following:

  • You have no H&S documents
  • Your documents are out of date
  • Your H&S documents are not suitable and sufficient

Area Where Evidence Must Be Documented


  • Policy Statement
  • Organisation, Arrangements and Procedures
  • Evidence required of the policy being displayed and issued to employees

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will draft your policy.

This is covered by the quote CBQ )

  • Induction training process, Sample forms, employees list and signatures to confirm training has been received
  • Training matrix highlighting, personnel skills training with certification, to include technical and health and safety
  • Tool box talk policy and copies of topics covered with register showing date, signatures, etc
  • Training of managers and supervisors, showing the level of training in line with their responsibility
  • Details of who is responsible for ensuring training needs are met and reviewed

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide systems, templates and action plan. We will provide samples of tool box talks and training matrices.CBQ

Additional training costs may be involved

Who is your H&S Competent Person?

This is NOT covered by the quote although you may wish to employ our retained services.

Presently we charge £1,000 per annum to cover this service.

  • Details of how often health and safety systems are reviewed
  • Provide copies of recent safety audits/inspections, include action plans and those that have been completed

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide inspection/audit checklists. CBQ

If you prefer us to conduct independent inspections/audits the cost is from £150 + expenses* per inspection/audit

  • Provide details\ minutes of safety meetings or evidence of how health and safety issues are communicated to employees.

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide advice on how to do this. CBQ

  • Accident statistics from the last three years, evidence with copies of accident book, employee details will remain confidential
  • Accident reporting procedure and how it is communicated to employees, (handbook, induction training, toolbox talk)
  • Who is responsible for dealing with RIDDOR accidents/ incidents and what training have they received

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will ensure systems are in place. CBQ

  • Risk assessment process, who in the company carries out risk assessments and what is their experience / training.
  • Evidence of recent task based risk assessments covering specific regulations i.e. Manual Handling, COSHH, Working at height, etc.

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide general risk assessments. CBQ

Occasionally, detailed risk assessments may incur additional cost dependent upon the nature of your work.

  • Evidence of a policy in place, induction procedure pre employment questionnaire, skin checks dermatitis, Hand arm vibration, working with asbestos, manual handling, etc

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will implement procedures . CBQ

  • Details of employees training, specific risk assessments, copies of instructions given to employees

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will conduct risk assessments and copies of instruction. CBQTraining is an additional cost dependent on requirements.

  • Regular inspection checklist required, showing actions and when completed

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide inspection/audit checklists. CBQ

If you prefer us to conduct independent inspections/audits the charge is £150 per inspection/audit

  • Details of what training has been provided to employees and safe system of how it is dealt with

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide the SSOW. CBQ

Training is an additional cost dependent on requirements. We do provide in house Awareness training.

  • >Details of staff trained to HSE approved standard and certification
    Evidence of first aid equipment inspections

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide checklists. CBQ

Training is an additional cost dependent on requirements and can be arranged on your behalf through our trusted Training providers.

  • If contractors are used, details of and samples of Pre-qualification Assessment questionnaire, insurance documents, policies, etc.

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will implement.


  • Fixed installation certificates
  • PAT testing records

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD can arrange this for you, through our trusted associates.

Must be performed by an approved electrical contractor.

  • Person who is responsible for maintenance and training in use of equipment, enclose evidence of training and copies of inspection and maintenance system
  • Enclose copies of certificates for personnel using equipment to demonstrate competency

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide an administration system; advice on evidencing competence levels and on how to keep records up to date. CBQMaintenance engineers and specific equipment training may be required dependent upon equipment used.

  • Supplied completed DSE assessments
  • Confirm arrangements for supplying eye tests and glasses

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will conduct up to 3 DSE assessments CBQ.

Each additional assessments £19.50

  • Evidence of procedure, communicated to employees (Induction Form)
  • Copy of Fire log book
  • Copy of fire risk assessment
  • Maintenance of extinguishers, alarms, emergency lighting etc, copies of tests and certificates
  • Records of training and fire drills

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide log book, checklists and a basic Fire risk assessment. CBQ

Large or High Risk premises will require a comprehensive fire risk assessment which DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will quote for if required.

Maintenance of fire equipment can be provided through our trusted associates.

  • Copy of register or log showing equipment issued, signed and dated by employees

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD will provide the registers and how to use. Evidence takes time to build up.

*Expenses are 47p per mile and each hour over 60 minutes driving to site is charged at £30.00

A Competent Person support package that helps our customers win contracts

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 state:

Every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions.

We never just provide our name for documents without meeting and reviewing your company. There are serious liability issues regarding this role and we want to be sure we are dealing with a safety conscience firm.

We work with our customers to help them win business. As our clients business grows our business grows. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive package which works not only for Chas applications but throughout the Health & Safety needs of our clients. SAFETY = SUCCESS.

The package is as follows:

  • We will act as your appointed competent person
  • Review and update existing Health, Safety and Environmental policy documents
  • Review existing method statements and risk assessments
  • Provide guidance in completion of tender questionnaires / contractor assessments
  • Review training certificates and training registers as required for tender submissions
  • Bi- monthly review meetings to compliment visits
  • Advice via direct telephone contact with consultant when required

How much to employ DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD as my competent person?

From £1,200 per annum

DP CONSULTANCY (NE) LTD also offer clients a retained services packages, allowing clients to purchase an agreed number of hours per calendar month at a discounted hourly rate. The hours may then be used to achieve and maintain compliance with Health & Safety legislation; audits, inspections, toolbox talks, adverse incident / accident investigation, pre-qualification questionnaires, etc.

In using our services you are not abdicating your responsibility you are delegating your responsibility to a Health & Safety professional. This allows you to focus on your main business activity in the knowledge that the workplace health, safety and environmental issues are in safe hands.